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The Dawn of the GPT Store

The Dawn of the GPT Store

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🌐 My Experiments with CustomGPTs

❄️ Ski Snow Report: Your AI Assistant for Skiing Conditions

An interesting way to get updates on conditions, it needs more work as i haven't fully implemented my idea yet but will work for some locations.


Funny my ski snow report was the first on the gptstore, but now wow are there ever a substantial amount of ski and snow reports on the gptstore. At least I know my recursive gpt below has been hard at work!

πŸ’ͺ Wellness Companion: Your Guide to Health and Wellness

openai logoWellness Companion

This one could be used as a novel marketing strategy. Maybe it will gain traction in the future.

πŸ“ Markdown Responses: Simplifying Content Creation

openai logoMarkdown Responses

A useful tool for strictly providing unrendered Markdown.

πŸ‡«πŸ‡· Sophie Laurent: A French Conversationalist Bot

Okay this one is cringee, who needs a real girlfriend when you can just make companion GPTs! According to OpenAI girlfriends conversationalists are quite popular. This one is at least a little academic blending French and English with my attempt at a humanistic personality. Edit: to be clear I'm not serious.

πŸ€– RecursiveGPT: A Joke on the Ease of GPT Replication

This is purely a joke. There seems to have been a wave of ChatGPTs for the sake of making ChatGPTs. Well now it's officially recursive!


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