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Potentiometers and Encoders For Electronics Projects

In this post we'll dive deep into the mechanics of rotary encoders and potentiometers and provide some simple code.

While both devices are essential for measuring rotational movement, they have distinct ways of operating. Rotary encoders generate digital signals, capturing both the degree of rotation and its direction – perfect for projects where precision is key. Potentiometers act as variable resistors, offering an analog output that's invaluable for it's simplicity.

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On Privacy

In this post, I'll explore my journey towards digital privacy, sharing both successful strategies and pitfalls, my thoughts on the future of privacy, and when trading privacy for security might be justified.

My foray into the world of privacy began in my young adult years, during the widespread adoption of smartphones. The emergence of apps like Instagram and Snapchat were transforming our lives. Everyone was divided between a mix of excitement and disillusionment over the power these platforms suddenly had.

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